Saturday, January 29, 2011

Niqabi Muslimah,

Many women who dream of self-righteous woman announced, but unlucky in their search for their righteous by wrong step. While they strive to improve themselves, without realizing they were on their stool in their own heart. Sometimes rough hearts desire change, but unfortunately because of the foot which has not advanced to swim, drowned at sea in the end.

Actually, why do you wear niqab? Try face it, there may be one of the answers below:
* Perhaps you want to show others that you are righteous
* Perhaps you want to win the hearts of men who believe
* Probably want to be regarded as a pretty girl, because usually associate with niqabi women are pretty
* May want to stand better than ur friends who do not wear niqab
* Or maybe just because fear of rape

If only one of the answers above are consistent with what is embedded in your heart, congratulations! Because of your desire has successfully defeated the faith.

Muslimah Is Not In This Points

Men are not looking righteous niqabi woman is used, or the exquisite robes that u wear. But the righteous is located in the heart. Many among the women wearing niqab, but when talking to men, Masha Allah! far from the appearance, just too good to be true, just for the taste of life in view of the eye. Dearest friends, so do it's not righteous women.

Just as wearing the arm sleeve, I suppose if you wear them, you try to hide the sleeves. But it's doesn't, u prefer fold over ur sleeves . For what? To show off? Then u guys is same with Mami Jarum, whose that like to showing her
accessories . And you will be together with they and breathe in the fire of the Hell.

Does not mean I deny the good of wearing niqab or dislike, but this is a warning for the necessity to do something we do not add to the sin. Let the sacred heart of the sacred in her clothes, although we understand that so hard to get, but we must continue operating. Verily, Allah SWT with the thought of the servants.

Closing the Door Defamation sincerely,

Application of niqabi is actually intended to close the door of temptation, not add to the quantity of a woman who is called righteous only in the face. Even if you are niqabi woman, you would not wear it just because of Allah SWT, meditate on the attitude and the nature of the behavior under you:
* Like to upload their own niqabi pictures / display of righteous on Facebook
* Show face without niqab for men muhrim through YM Messengers or others
* Use niqab only in certain places

Assuming one or more of the features provided are inherent in yourself, then it is introspective and turn to Allah SWT for seeking forgiveness. Indeed, they are wearing niqab the fact they want to shut the door in their libel, did not want to be seen by men even look that is clean room for the reveal. What prefer to share-share others? While men may think, why you would never have imagined in the minds about this?

Mistakes Inside The Hijab

The phenomenon is no stranger to color the woman uncovered, there are some women who are taking advantage of hooded to protect himself from a bad surprise when, together with men, so that the hijab is a man who made a face cover to hide behind the hijab, allow the boyfriend of his lust, some even made the cover as a dress to obscure the human eye, knowing that she was pregnant out of wedlock. If you wear the hijab, people will not see there are two male's hands holding "on the Fire" in the body. Na'uzubillahi min 'dzalik. This woman is tarnishing the sanctity of those who actually wear them for compliance with the laws of Allah SWT. Thus a woman who called the candidate of the fire that day will receive a penalty punishment at the Hereafter. Take good advice from this my speech.

"Truly Allah SWT loves those who repent and those who purify themselves" (Al-Baqarah [2]:222)

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك اشهد ان لااله إلاانت وأستغفرك وأتوب إليك

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