Saturday, January 29, 2011

♡ رسالة حب عن حبيبي

Ya ALLAH! Ya Rabbal Alamin! Ya Rabbul Izzati!
*Tell him that I have an order for him
*Tell him, the great love is only the love of Allah SWT (God Almighty)
*Tell him, love will make people forget
*Asked him, do not love me more than he loves Allah SWT
*Asked him, do better than he can remember remembrance of Allah SWT
*Asked him, do not pray for me more than he pray for his parents
*Tell him, make Allah SWT and parents the 1st because there is the way to go heaven
*Remind him, I like him coz of his attitudes, not for coz his face
*Remind him, I more loving his attitudes, not for his money/things
*Asks him, when he began to glorify the love of mankind
*Asks him, when he sank in a dream
*Asks him, when the desire try to control his mind
*Remind him, I owned the Only One
*Remind him, I owned by my family
*Remind him, a big responsibility to his family
*Remind him, do not said love if the responsibility notyet done
*Remind him, if I refused to close coz of self-care limitations of love
*Remind to him, I do not want to be a great temptation to
*Remind to him, I do not want to be a source of failure
*Remind to him, I let Allah SWT take care of himself
*Preaching at him, I do not want to put him forget other things
*Preaching at him, I want him to succeed in our dreams and ambitions
*Preaching at him, I always pray for his success
*Tell him, I kept longing for that pure love
*Tell him, love for Allah SWT is never will calculate the price
*Tell him, this relationship is maintained as long as he maintain a relationship with Allah SWT
*Tell him because I was not able to tell him by my own
*Don't love me until the high sky because the sky will fall
*Don't love me until the deep of sea because the sea will recede
*Don't love the world because the world will be destroyed
*Don't love flowers because the flowers will wilt
*Don't love people because the people will perish
*But love Allah SWT eventhough only the tip of the nail because even if you cut it, the love will always continue.
*And Allah SWT is the l God, Mighty, Wisely

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك اشهد ان لااله إلاانت وأستغفرك وأتوب إليك

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