Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Salam sahabt sahabti,
I pray Allah SWT to bless all of u always. Amen~

Sorry for long time doesn't wrote anything here. Well I being so busy with outside before. I even don't have time to be near with internet coz I was too busy. But now I'm in my hometown so I've many free time for this.

My life no so far so good. It's better than before though.

Don't ask me anything about Love coz it's too complicated and too confused to talk about this. Yes I admit I'm fellinlove with someone now and it's only he the only guy in my heart after Allah SWT, Islam and family. It's make me fully great with this feeling. But there's nothing to story u about my sweetheart. Just wish Allah SWT bless us always ♥

Even sometimes when I see my friend's blogs. They're keep talk about the bf and the gf and about their loves. Yes sometimes I was very jealous. I've 1 but I don't know is it serious relationship or what. I wish he will come and ask me about married.

I knew I'm too young think about this. But I need him also that's all.
And when I fellinlove, it's remind me about my past love. They're hurting me too much and I was like.... I'm scared to love guys actually. Love is Hurt and I know that.

My ex keep calls me and I don't know what they want. Dear, I'm sorry but it's very hard to accept u back while I've someone in my heart and I don't think you're better than him. And even if I love u, it's take long time to forget all the pain inside my heart. You're too much before honey and even I forgive all of that but my heart still sick. I'm sorry if u feel like I being rude or treat u like u feel very bad. I'm sorry but I don't ever mean to revenge u. Hope u still know how its me. Be take care and I wish u never sad in this life. May Allah bless u sweety.

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك اشهد ان لااله إلاانت وأستغفرك وأتوب إليك

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