Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I dont know weather Im okay or not.
I dont know what can I asnwer when you ask me this topic, friends.
As what you all know about me.
Im always okay, Im always smile.
But only ALLAH SWT & bestfriends know me well <3

I dont know what could I say here.
I dont know what must I tell here.
I dont know what should I explain here.
I also dont know whats going on with me.
Theres nothing to talk with.
Im speechless, seriously!
Seriously Im very very very very speechless.

As what as I could say
Its hurt. So hurt. Too hurt.
But its not once.
Im naesthetized with this.
And remind myself
This is LIFE.

Thanks Allah for sent him to me.
I saw everything good around him.
I dont know weather Im blind of love or what.
But Im sure he's right.
Coz he teach me some about the real of life.
I promise to keep his words always in my deep mind.
And same goes I will do it.
Thanks, I appreciate that beloved.

Even sometimes I feel like
Im gonna lose everything
And Im gonna lose to see anything infront me
If he go and ignore me
I couldnt easier to continue do what I plan to do.
I couldnt easier findout my right way when Im lost.
I couldnt easier to feel happy
When there always have someone to stay beside me
Whatever I feel & Whenever I need.
Im gona misses that.

Even I know he's the best thing happen for me.
The best guy I ever saw,
The best friend ever,
The best adviser,
The best supporter,
The best teacher he always be.
Arghhh really cant forget it.
He's very valuable for sure.

Sometimes I feel like arghh, Im stupid I cant keep him.
I cant make he always happy.
I cant cheers him when he's sad.
I cant release him when he's moody.
I cant give anything even any help when he's on probs.
What can I do? I cant do anything.
Beside keep he worrying about me.
Arghh dude, I feel like Im the worst girlfriend ever.
Im very sure about whos the lucky girl gona replace me for him
I will always pray for you my dear. Always...

You know how its feel, life.
You know how Im in.
You watch me, Ya ALLAH.
May Im doing the right way.

I praise you ALLAH.
Please give me the long patience to face all of it & after this gonna be.

As what you know Ya ALLAH.
I love him more than everything than I love.
I always need whatever perfect things on every part of him.
But as what as Im always remember,
YOU always be there for me as ur servant.
سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك اشهد ان لااله إلاانت وأستغفرك وأتوب إليك


  1. Honey , Be strong pls .
    Me and others will always stand behind you to catch you wehn you fall .
    I wont let you fall .
    I wont.
    I love you so much my baby .
    Pls smile alright =)

  2. I dont ever lie you syg. I still could smile dont worry too much. Im alright yea =) I love you too. Thnks honeyy